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"No corporation or other fictitious entity, unless organized in the public interest, shall directly or indirectly, support or oppose in any election nor make gifts to public officials, their subordinates, agents, representatives, assigns or relations"
Proposed language:
Government of for and by, We The People!
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Your contribution will help us organize campaigns in every state to pass the We The People Amendment.
...we must prevent the special interests from thwarting the voter's will. We need to turn off the spigot of money that floods Washington! The only way to do that is make it illegal to influence elected officials with special interests' bribes!

To amend the Constitution, three-fourths of the states must pass legislation adding the Amendment. We need to get state legislatures in 38 states to pass the We The People Amendment.
This is a tremendous task. But the future of our democracy hangs in the balance. Are we to continue to be a country that elects representatives: who ignore the people and do the bidding of Special Interests? Who take bribes and call them campaign contributions? Who are forced to beg lobbyists, trade associations and corporations for money to fun for re-election because their opponents are doing the same?

We are Democrats, Republicans and Independents who want to take back our Government. We want the People in charge, not lobbyists, special interests or the corporations! We may disagree among ourselves in the issues: The economy, the environment, health care or foreign policy. But we are united in believing our votes should count!
That Congress should represent us!
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We The People - Po Box 900331 - CA 93590

Why does Congress only have a 9% approval rating? Because 91% of us don't believe Congress work for us!
2012 Campaign Cost
To bring about change...
...and never getting it?
Do you know why nothings changing?
It's because the Democrats and Republicans get their campaign money from the same Special Interests! Democrats get more from Labor, Republicans get more from Chamber of Commerce, but Big Oil, the banks, Big Tobacco, Agribusiness, the auto industry, insurance companies and dozens of other special interests pour money into the coffers of both parties. They contribute to both sides in the same election! No matter who wins, the 'fix' is in!

Congress is bought and paid for by Special Interests! Millions and millions of dollars pour into Congress from lobbyists, corporations and Special Interest Groups. Congress does their bidding!

Recently, the US Supreme Court held that Corporations have the same right of political free speech as American citizens have! Nowhere in the Constitution does that docterine exist! Jefferson would be appalled! The Supreme Court gave the green light to corporate bribery of Congress and the White House. It put the US government up for sale to the highest bidder! The only way to take back our government is to stop the bribery!

To stop corporate political bribes, we need to pass the
We The People Amendment!

Under our Constitution, the People have the final say!
The People trump Congress!
The People are the government!
The People can take it back

Thirty words will take back our government. Dry up the well of corruption. Stop Special Interest groups bribing our elected officials. Prevent the buying of elections. Make Congress responsible to those they represent. No more votes for sale! No more government by the few.

It's time for Politicians and Special Interests fo realize:
It's We The People!
Not, We The Lobbyists! Not, We the Corporations! Not We, Big Oil! Not We, Defense Contractors! Not We, The Insurance Companies! Not We, The Tobacco Companies! Not We, Big Pharmaceuticals! Not We, The Arms Dealers! Not We, The Banks! Not We, Wall Street!

We The People!

Our aim is once again, Government of, by and for, We The People!
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Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone.
The people themselves are its only safe depositories.
       ~ Thomas Jefferson